3 Things That Make Transporting a Youth Sports Team Easier

3 Things That Make Transporting a Youth Sports Team Easier

Transporting a whole team from point A to point B is no easy task. You have to find the right vehicle, plan for things like gas, traffic, and travel time, and control a whole bunch of excited, talkative kids! But what if we told you there are ways you can make the ride to your next game less hectic? Read about these three things you can do that make transporting a youth sports team easier and a lot more fun.

Use a Roomy Vehicle

The first thing you can do to make transporting a youth sports team easier is upgrade to a bigger, better transport vehicle. While you can split the team up and take several smaller cars to your destination, this can be a hassle to plan, and it can be costly since each car will need its own gas.

To transport a big team, we recommend using a larger vehicle, like a passenger van. Not only does this require less planning, but it can also save you money. On top of that, it’s much more fun to travel together! Your team can spend the ride talking strategy for the upcoming game or playing team-building games. This can be a huge boost to team spirit!

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Your team is probably pumped up for their next game! It’s great that they’re so excited and motivated, but excited kids also tend to be loud and active. You don’t want them to misbehave during the ride since this could distract the driver. This means you’ll need to set some ground rules.

For example, kids should use their indoor voices as much as possible. They should remain firmly in their seat, and they shouldn’t make a mess by tossing wrappers or other trash on the floor. These are just a few rules to consider if you want to encourage polite, safe behavior.

Keep the Kids Happy

Kids can start to feel antsy if they have to sit in one place for hours at a time. If your team needs to travel a long way, you’ll need to provide fun activities to keep the kids calm and happy. For example, you can try a phone-based game like Head’s Up or come up with personalized sports trivia. Alternatively, you can craft a high-energy playlist for your players to jam out to.

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